Defensive Design and Critical Transitions

In much the same way that special teams can quickly improve a football team, defensive design can make a big difference by taking control of decisive, transitional moments. I’ve heard it said that to have a better overall listening experience in your home stereo, it’s important to focus & spend your money in those areas […]

App or Mobile Web?


Granted, my perception right now has a great deal to do with working at one of the premier mobile web companies in the space, but for me, it’s no contest – I think that mobile web is where companies should be investing their money. Not every phone will have or can even download your app, […]

Who’s Really the Customer?


Who’s the customer for Google’s products – before you answer, take a moment to think how much you’re paying right now for Email Spreadsheets* Calendaring Phone Calls Not really much at all, thanks to Google, and just a few of its many products. So if you’re not the customer, then who is? Why does Google […]

Organizing and Targeting Web Content


Whenever I work with clients on revising their web sites, and the conversation goes to the reorganization of their content, I’m struck by the disparity of focus. A Typical Breakdown Many clients exclusively focus on reorganizing their sites around internal company divisions. However the company flow chart is structured, that’s pretty much how the web […]

Agency Work as Long-Term Farming

Farm on the edge of Chesapeake Bay by eutrophication&hypoxia, on Flickr

Will Shipley wrote a great piece drawing parallels between farming vs. mining approach to running a software company. Farming is long, slow, labor-intensive, and expensive work, with little immediate reward. Mining requires a one-time stripping & razing of the land to pull everything of worth from it, and move on. The issue he points to […]

Ubiquiti – High-Level Business-to-Business Technology Rebranding


Ubiquiti offers unique solutions for massive parallel searches in large text databases, allowing companies to see patterns, detect early warnings, and make better decisions in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare, and manufacturing to trucking. When I began my first discussions with Ubiquiti, they had a simple, basic site, featuring small blocks of text and […]

UNICEF – Back on Track

UNICEF's Back on Track brings stability to strife-torn areas

Tasked with producing a site that would communicate the benefits of this global relief effort by UNICEF to the world, I also had to produce a site that was both easy to update, and provide an entire additional section of protected content only for UNICEF internal users.