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A career in technology, focused on leading teams to deliver practical solutions

Positive Feedback from Clients and Collaborators

Michael is great to work with. He is very detailed and has a great grasp of project management. His communications skills keep the project members well informed and he is highly motivated to deliver superior results for his clients. Michael also follows through on meetings, development life cycle and the entire project co-ordination with business owners all the way through to developers and makes sure things get done on time and on budget. Great asset on any project.

Michael is a professional with great enthusiasm for his position. He is versatile in many facets of his position, including his ability to smoothly manage projects for several high-name retail clients and his language skills which ease communication with offshore offices. When starting a major and complex project, Michael was willing to sit down with me to walk me through the requirements and answer all my questions. It was a pleasure to work with Michael!

Michael Goitein worked with the Ubiquiti team to update and modernize our website design. He also moved us to the WordPress content management system, which allowed us easier control of updates to our site content without outside help. Michael also came up with a solution to offer an additional layer of protected content behind a login, allowing greater access to our specific users. During the design process, build-out, and follow-up, he was responsive and proactive in solving problems, and came up with ways to make the website look and work better. We are pleased with the redesign and the new website he has given us.

Michael Goitein has a broad vision and tactical expertise, especially when it comes to careful listening. Michael was able to form my concept into a distinctive message, and then followed through with outstanding execution. He walked me through the process and continues to help each step of the way. I would recommend Michael Goitein’s services to anyone. Whether you are considering on launching and developing a website or if you have an existing website that requires special care and attention, Michael is there to answer questions quickly and always goes above and beyond what one would normally expect…